Tiếng Việt


Means of conveyance: Jeep (2-3 pax/jeep)

Duration: 4 hours

Departure time: 7h30 (am)

+ The jeep will pick-up at your hotel to transfer to White Lake (about 45km). The car will stop at Mui Ne wharf in order that you will take souvenir photographs. The Jeep will be taken along the seaside from Hon Rom to White Lake with the neglectec beach.

+ At White Lake, you can go on your foot or fly on sand hills by plastic sleds to conquer the highest sand hill - Virgin hill of "the small deserts"

+ On the way back, you will go on the road which called most beautiful of Binh Thuan and visit Fairy stream to go walk in the cool natural water.

+ Finally, you will stop off at the unique and only Wine castle in VietNam.

TOUR PRICE (VNĐ/Pax without VAT):

AT HAM TIEN 780.000 630.000 520.000
AT PHU HAI 850.000 700.000 570.000
AT PHAN THIET 1.340.000 1.200.000 940.000

+ Jeep, hat, bottled water, cool handkerchief, English speaking guide and insurance fee.

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+ Visitors come to Bau Trang by two different ways: From Phan Thiet, they go along the beach to Mui Ne, cross Mui Ne market and Doi Hong (Pink Hill). Then we continue to go along the beach for about hour to Bau Trang. By another way, they go along national highway A to Luong Son and take a turn to the right about 18km, cross bare hills, go through a forest of smooth green coconuts on white sand hills and then to Bau Trang

+ Bau Trang has formed for a long time. The word of “Bàu” in the dialect means “Lake”. Bau Trang is divided into two parts, which called Bau (Mister Lake) and Bau Ba (Lady Lake). It has the area of 70 ha, the widest place is about 500meter, the average depth is 5 meter and the deepest place is 19 meter in the rainy season. Bau Ba, in the middle of the white sand hills, is called Bau Sen (Lotus Lake), because lotus in bloom covers the surface of the lake. The creature system in Bau Sen is very abundant and there are kinds of fish.

+ Bau Trang still has wild and plain features with the white sand hills and the wave sough, which attracts people addicted to the beauty of this place in order to have an inspiration of composing art.

+ To Bau Trang, visitors can rent a boat from the local residents here to go sightseeing or fishing. Cool and fresh water all the year round makes the hot air of the vast sand hills gentle, which creates a romantic landscape. Therefore, anyone that goes by this area wants to visit Bau Trang

Source: phanthietvn.com

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+ Being not transparent or murmuring, Suoi Tien in Mui Ne impresses people by the red-orange color of the stream. You will feel as if you get rid of all the sorrows in your lives.Though Suoi Tien is still unfamiliar toward many tourists coming to Mui Ne, these years, it has been more and more popular because its beauty is compared as the paradise. Indeed, it is not resemble to any other streams in our country. It is high-lighted by the red-orange color of the sand.

+ Suoi Tien, in fact, is not a stream. It is just a long narrow flow of water nearby Hon Rom. Not many people know it because Suoi Tien is hidden behind the sand dunes. Therefore, if you want to come there, you have to find the way to Mui Ne ward, Phan Thiet city, Huynh Thuc Khang street, then we can ask the local people to show us how to get to Suoi Tien.

+ Suoi Tien is not a swift-flowing stream. Instead, it runs gently. The water level is a little higher than our ankles. The deepest place is even lower than our knees. That is the reason why most of tourists must take off their shoes or slippers and walk in bare feet to feel the cool even when it is blazing hot. Under our feet, there are smooth white sand and lapping waves. It brings us to a completely different feeling between the sandy dessert around.

+ After we go bypass the first 300 meters, the fairyland seems to appear in front of your eyes. There are some sand pillars carved by the water-a special “artisan”, stalactites with weird appearances, or some huge reliefs which are always changeable depending on the flows of water. For that reason, tourists always feel that they will come there for the second time if they have a chance to come back.

+ There are many paths that lead to the sand dunes. We can go along them to have a full overview of Suoi Tien. On one side, there is a row green of coconuts. On the other side, the 2-color sand wall is superb. The rain and the wind erode the stalactites and help them to expose to the sun light. They are pointing straight to the sky and look like glorious castles.

+ When going upstream, we can catch sight of a small waterfall. From here, tourists may return the old path or continue to go and discover many sandy paths along the mountain side.

+ Suoi Tien belongs to the land which is favored by the nature – Binh Thuan. Therefore, it attracts many visitors coming from all over the world every year. In the summer, when the sunshine is blazing, the rows of green coconuts and the water hyacinth help highlight the stream. As the spring comes, the pomelo and lemon flowers show their beauty and aroma, which makes the visitors can not help stopping and enjoying them in the blowing wind.

+ Coming here, we can also enjoy the purely neglected beauty of this land where a footprint is even swept away by the stream. Although it takes about one hour only for the journey to discover Suoi Tien, many people still spend their all day in this fairy land. After crossing the stream and and enjoying the sightseeing, we can drop in a farm nearby Suoi Tien to ride ostriches, which is very funny and amusing.

Because of Suoi Tien, Phan Thiet appears to be much fresher and more attractive toward visitors in both our country and abroad.
There are many ways from the resorts to Suoi Tien. It is located Nguyen Dinh Chieu and Huynh Thuc Khang street, so you can take the bus No. 1 or No. 9 to come there or you can drive motobike by yourself. At the end of the stream, there ia a small restaurant which serves many specialities. especially you can drink a kind of fresh coconut milk which means "dừa ba mặt".
Source: phanthietvn.com

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+ Inspired from the charming Napa Valley of the US, Sea Links City proudly introduces its first Castle in Mui Ne and ever in Vietnam. The authentically-styled, Western-prototyped castle, breathtaking views abound at every turn – mustard in picturesque rolling hills planted with vineyards year-round of every stature dot the landscape of the Sea Links City. Whether you are wine tasters or visitor at the Castle, refreshing the soul of yourself with the unique circling of the medieval style architect with light and cozy atmosphere makes RD Wine Castle the premium destination in Mui Ne for Passionate Travelers and Wine Connoisseurs.

+ Enjoy a tour of tasting senses throughout the Castle. We can’t bring to you the Napa Valley but we are sure to deliver the premium standing tasting technique for your winery experience. For Connoisseurs and Wine Lovers, sips after sips of Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Cabernet Sauvignon and more no doubt leaves you tipsy moments and endless gossiping hangouts.
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